- 12 leads electrocardiograph (ECG) with remote measured data transfer using GSM / WiFi network, sw & hw design, test batch production

- sw packet mapping the part of specific subterranean structures of Slovakia

- precise coiling system for round profile metal materials, sw & hw design, prototype production

- sw packet for the processes control of municipal waste collection points

- PC interfaces & power devices for the motion control of the automotive testing devices, sw & hw design, production

- sw packets for the automotive testing devices control

- human urine incontinency tester, sw & hw development, prototype production

- intelligent digital camera – two different versions, sw & hw development, production

- input / output PC interface modules controlled via industrial CAN bus, sw & hw development, production

- sw packet serving for possible new produced car engines liquid leaks

- sw packet for control of the colour light therapy

- holistic medicine and magnetotherapy devices, sw & hw development, production

- metrologic system for liquid flow measurement, sw & hw development of the sensing device part, production

- interface device for multiplex PC serial data collection, sw & hw development, production

- autonomous electronic book system for wide scale of outdoor information systems, control sw & hw development, test prototypes production

- fiscal cash counter hw interface, sw & hw development, production